Coaching and Consultancy

Professional one to one coaching is for teachers and other professionals who come into contact with and work with children, young people and adults with ADHD and ASC.  Professional coaching is bespoke and personalised to address your specific training goals around the subject areas of ADHD and ASC.  It is solution focused, works with the strengths and knowledge you already have, and progresses at the speed you wish to take.

Our Specialist ADHD/ASC Coaches have a unique understanding and insight into ADHD and ASC and their associated conditions.  They have first-hand knowledge of the conditions through living with, or being closely related to, someone with ADHD and/or ASC.

Our coaches can either work with you in your place of work, in school, or at a venue of your choice.  The number of sessions can be flexible depending on the needs to be covered.

 You may want a broad overview of ADHD/ASC, or maybe you have the basics and feel there are  specific topics you need further support with.  Some examples of this are:

  • Managing challenging behaviour
  • Building self-esteem
  • Making sense of sensory processing difficulties
  • Teenage girls with ADHD/ASC
  • Supporting an employee with ADHD/ASC
  • Client care and understanding adults with ASC
  • Supporting a young adult with their social skills

 To discuss your coaching requirements please contact Outside-iN.

Telephone number 01462 813282