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The Autistic Spectrum is a broad one and whilst the inherent challenges are common to all on the spectrum, some of the skills and strategies employed to support individuals may vary according to ability.  Outside-iN prides itself on its professional and personal expertise of working with, and living with, what is sometimes described as High Functioning Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, in addition to ADHD.  Any training we provide is more suited towards pupils with ASC who do not also have an associated severe learning difficulty.

Outside-iN is unique in that it provides support for both conditions and that all frontline staff have personal and professional experience of living and working with ADHD and ASC, in both mainstream and specialist settings.  Our specialist team of ADHD/ASC trainers have delivered condition awareness training to over 3000 professionals.

Our confidential, wide ranging, support initiatives are designed to develop positive and lasting change; by encouraging effective communication, increasing understanding and improving outcomes for young people, their families and schools.

Training Programmes

We offer a two tier training programme for education professionals.

Our comprehensive and experiential training is designed to equip education professionals with an insight into ADHD and ASC.  Participants will gain a broader understanding of how young people with these conditions experience the world around them.

Level 1 Training: Understanding ADHD and ASC

This interactive, half day training is suitable for all members of staff who need an understanding of ADHD and ASC in their role.  It is designed to increase a participant’s understanding of the conditions and the impact these have on the child or young person.

Target Audience

Suitable for all members of school staff, including; Head Teachers, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Midday Supervisors, Clerical Staff, Governors, Taxi Drivers, etc.

Level 2 Training: Six Steps to Success

This training is delivered over two sessions, one full and one half day.  It will enable delegates to consolidate their learning from Level 1 training, gain a broader understanding of the conditions and develop their practice.

Delegates will have the opportunity to produce a range of practical and effective strategies to support pupils in their settings.

Target Audience

For those working directly with children or who would like to increase their understanding of ADHD/ASC.

Whichever option you choose, you will receive an informative, enlightened and interactive training experience recognising the impact of ADHD and ASC in an educational setting and feel more confident in responding to the strengths and needs of the pupils.

Please click here  for more information on Level 1 ‘Understanding ADHD and ASC’ and Level 2 ‘Six Steps to Success Training’

To discuss your individual training requirements further please contact Outside-iN.

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