Our History …

Outside-iN was formed in 2009 when Helen Child and Debbie Savage, two Specialist Behavioural Coaches in the field of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC) started a monthly support group for parent/carers of children with these conditions.

With the help and support of parents, schools and professionals the group soon became firmly established, rapidly growing from just six families to supporting over one hundred in its first year.

Our Name

The name Outside-iN was chosen by its members, as it was felt that it encompassed the feelings of people with the conditions.  The logo, designed by a 13 year old boy with ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome depicts his meaning behind the name, these are his words:

Outside” represents the people with the disability.  They are different to other people because they have something missing.  The letters represent the people and the cracks in the letters show how they feel.  They are in the minority.

The word “iN” represents the ‘normal’ people on the inside looking out.  They are bigger because lots more people are ‘normal’ and more popular than those that aren’t.

From these powerful words, our vision and mission evolved.

We soon discovered that it was not uncommon for parent/carers to feel isolated, unsure about their child’s diagnosis, frustrated and sometimes guilty. Many felt bewildered about the rights of their child, confused about the legislation surrounding special educational needs and worried about how to support their child’s social and emotional development.

A Variety of Tools for a Spectrum of Needs

Outside-iN recognised that a one sized approach did not fit all, which led to the development of additional services.  These included:

  • The innovative Breaking Down Barriers Parent Training Course
  • Targeted School Training
  • Bespoke Professional Training
  • Child and Family Coaching
  • Dedicated Helpline

and much more.

In 2011, the first specialist ADHD/ASC ‘Breaking Down Barriers’ parent training course was launched in Bedfordshire.  Designed to help parent/carers develop new and existing skills and answer many of their questions and concerns about the conditions and how to manage them.  It aims to empower parents to gain the confidence they need to support and enjoy their children, through early years and into adolescence.

By September 2015, Outside-iN had extended its services to:

  • Support over 700 families from across Bedfordshire
  • Training over 400 parent/carers via Breaking Down Barriers and 1-2-3 Magic training
  • Providing one to one coaching for over 200 families and young people
  • Providing dedicated helpline support for hundreds of parent/carers and professionals
  • Facilitating regular parent/carer support groups, hosted by trained and experienced facilitators
  • Providing a support group for adults, with or without a formal diagnosis of ADHD/ASC

Outside-iN continues to grow, but has never lost sight of its original aims.  Committed to the continued development of new and innovative services, our team of experts strive to make a positive difference.

Outside-iN is based in Best House, which also hosts the offices of the Beds East Schools Trust (BEST) and the Beds East Multi Academy Trust (BEMAT).  It is situated in the grounds of the Samuel Whitbread Academy, Clifton, Bedfordshire offering all modern facilities and ease of parking.