Workplace Training

Our qualified Specialist ADHD/ASC Trainers can offer high quality, innovative training packages for any organisation in the Public or Private Sectors.  Our professional training is bespoke and will be tailored to suit your organisation’s individual training requirements.

Our trainers have a unique understanding and insight into ADHD and ASC and their related conditions.  They have first-hand knowledge of the conditions through living with, or being closely related to, someone with ADHD and/or ASC.

They will provide your organisation with an informative, enlightened and interactive training experiences equipping your staff to better address the challenges of these conditions.  Some examples of this could be:

  • Understanding and communicating more effectively with patients or clients in your care
  • Increasing awareness amongst colleagues
  • Providing an ADHD/ASC friendly workplace environment

Whatever your specific needs are, our training will provide you with an increased understanding of ADHD and/or ASC with proven practical strategies that promote positive outcomes for all.

To discuss your training requirements please contact Outside-iN.  Additional fees will apply.

Telephone number 01462 813282