Parent/Carer Testimonials

Parent/Carer Testimonials for Breaking Down Barriers and 1-2-3 Magic


“Invaluable. This course has given me a completely different insight into how my daughter views the world and how her condition affects her behaviour. I now look at her in a much more positive way.  All parents of children on the spectrum should do the course.”

Parent of girl age 10 years, ADHD & ASC

“The strategies I have learnt during the course will continue to help strengthen my relationship with my son and reduce my own levels of stress. I no longer feel that I cannot cope.”

Parent of boy age 10, ADHD & ASC

“Family life has dramatically changed, I now have a positive relationship with my daughter, thank you so much for changing our world.”

Parent of girl age 11, ASC

“Excellent course and trainers. I thought I was aware of my son’s condition and what made him stressed but this course has really shown me what it is like to see the world through his eyes. I wish I had been able to attend this course when my son was first diagnosed as things would … Continue reading Parent of boy age 16, ASC

Parent of boy age 16, ASC

“I have come to understand my children on the spectrum so much better.  I feel as though I have been given a big ‘tool box’ of strategies and methods to help with behaviours.  Thank you so much, this course in my opinion is IMPERATIVE for parents of children with ASC/ADHD.  I feel it should be … Continue reading Parent of girl and boys, aged between 8 and 12 with ASC & ADHD

Parent of girl and boys, aged between 8 and 12 with ASC & ADHD

“A fantastic course, I have learnt so much about the conditions and have a much better understanding of my son and how to manage his behaviour.  My relationship with my son has improved greatly and he feels better understood.  His behaviour and self-esteem are much better and they have noticed a significant change at his … Continue reading Parent of boy age 8, ASC & ADHD

Parent of boy age 8, ASC & ADHD

“The course has made a massive difference to us all.  We are calmer, more positive and understand our gorgeous little boy better.  I can now focus on the future and make informed choices.” 

Parent of boy age 5, ASC

“The combination of expertise and personal experience was fantastic.  One of the best training courses I have ever been on, I feel positive for the future for the first time in a long time.”

Parent of boy age 14, ADHD

“The course should be more widely available and advertised to parents of children with ADHD/Autism.  Partners should be encouraged more to attend.  Excellent course presented with enthusiasm and great expertise.”  

Parent of boy age 14, ADHD, ODD & ASC

“This course has given me such a positive outlook, I came to this course at what I thought was rock bottom, emotionally etc., our family was very fragmented.  Now our family life and as a unit is much more together/understanding/tolerant, calm and happier.  The extent of Outside-iN’s knowledge of ASC and ADHD is invaluable, thank … Continue reading Parent of boy age 13, ASC

Parent of boy age 13, ASC