Professional Testimonials


“A great insight into these complex conditions which are quite often overlooked and completely misunderstood by many. Very well delivered.”

Middle School Teaching Assistant

“Lots of practical strategies that I cannot wait to implement in my own classroom.  Thank you.”

Early Years Teacher

“The trainers have excellent subject knowledge and understanding.“ 

Inset Day Training

“The amount and depth of resources available to view and utilise were fantastic.” 

Inset Day Training

“Very well presented, great that it’s from a personal experience and not just someone talking about ASC.  It’s been great at reminding me ASC isn’t just going to be with patients but also could be with co-workers, service providers etc.”

Workplace Training

“By  gaining more insight it will enable me to empathise and deal with patients, particularly in a way that helps them and makes them feel at ease.” 

Workplace Training

“Excellent, very informative, clear presenting style and slides.  Very useful, please come again!” 

Workplace Training

“Lots of interesting, useful information.  Practically focused, excellent tips and examples to try.  A much better understanding of colleagues who are autistic.”

Workplace Training

A positive approach. My view of Autism, ADHD and associated conditions has been greatly enhanced. A thorough yet easy to understand course delivered in a practical, interactive way by highly experienced trainers. A must have for any member of staff.”

Upper School Teacher