Workshops for Parent/Carers

Outside-iN offer a range of half day workshops for parent/carers which approach subjects in greater depth than on the Breaking Down Barriers course.  The workshops are particularly suitable for parent/carers wishing to further extend existing knowledge and skills in a particular area.  These practical and interactive sessions are delivered by Specialist ADHD/ASC trainers.

Workshops include:

  • Girls with ADHD/ASC to include: discovering their unique challenges, working with their strengths, managing puberty, mental health and self-esteem.
  • Use of Visual Supports to facilitate: social understanding, communication, transitions, organisational skills and rewards. Hands on support and resources will be supplied to make visual aids during the workshop.
  • Sensory Processing to include: an in depth understanding of all eight senses and strategies to provide desirable sensory input and help avoid unwanted sensory overload.
  • Teens with ADHD/ASC to include: managing executive dysfunction, mental health, sexuality, encouraging independence and preparation for transition to adulthood.

Please contact us for further information.